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Rob Sharkey is a 5th generation farmer and is raising the same crops on his farm that his family did over 150 years ago, yet he is not your average farmer. Known in digital circles as the SharkFarmer he is unwavering in his ability to directly address controversial topics. With the hog crash of ‘98 in the rearview mirror, a turn-key outfitting business thriving, and a handful of acres demanding more time than is warranted, he launched a groundbreaking - podcast. His provocative style parallels a story-based structure, which resonates with tens of thousands of global listeners. His podcast catapulted him onto Sirius XM. Rob now has a show called SharkFarmer radio that airs every day on channel 147. He gives farmers a platform to tell their own unique story. Meeting his wife at age 16 at a 4H dance they have been together ever since. Driven by the 3 F’s… Faith, Family, Farm, they are raising their 4 kids to have an appreciation for where their food comes from and the planning and work it takes to raise a successful crop. And he's just getting started.

Speaking Topics

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