Meredith Bernard

About Meredith

When Meredith quit her corporate sales job in 2013 to come home to the farm, she traded her truck for a tractor, while also finding a passion for photography and writing. Through the journey, she’s realized her deepest passion is telling life stories, including her own.  On the daily, Meredith can be found helping tend cows or raking hay on her family’s farm, homeschooling her two children, freelance writing, cooking and sharing her life through social media and her YouTube channel - all with a strong daily dose of coffee, beef, butter and a big side of grace. She’s found that in sharing her real, others relate, because, in the end, we all have so much more in common than we realize. She serves on her county Farm Bureau board and enjoys the opportunities this role has given her to learn, share and grow. Meredith thrives off of building relationships with others, which her sturdy digital footprint and high social media engagement rates attest to. She’s excited to continue sharing her story through speaking while helping others see the importance in theirs. Contact her to discuss how she can tailor a talk to fit your needs.


Speaking Topics

No Time To Quit
This talk centers around the inherent struggle to want to quit so many things in life, in relation to lessons Meredith has learned on the farm and encourages a spirit of persistence over giving up.

Don’t Waste the Wait
This talk addresses the myriad of ways we struggle with waiting for things to change in life (ie. seasons, people, ourselves) and how we can make the most of the wait periods, without wasting them.

Balancing the Imbalance
This talk is tailored for busy women (or men) who feel like they have to be everything to everyone and can't get it all done. There is balance in the imbalance and this talk encourages finding it.

Sharing Your Story
This talk revolves around realizing we all have a story and they all matter. What we share, how we share it, why we share it and finding the commonality in our stories through sharing them, both on and offline.

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