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Derrick Josi is a dairy farmer from Tillamook, Oregon, where his family has been farming for over 100 years. They are proud to play a part in making delicious cheese by providing quality milk to the Tillamook County Creamery Association. Tillamook is deeply rooted in farming traditions, however, even in this small town, people have lost touch with where their food is harvested. Three years ago, Derrick was upset with anti-dairy activist videos circulating so he decided to start a blog about his life on the farm. He created his page to start a conversation with consumers, and he never backs down from a difficult question regarding the life of an everyday farmer. Since 2016, Derrick’s social media audience has grown to 122k followers on Facebook, 14k on Instagram and 16k on twitter. His philosophy is honesty; and his raw, unfiltered, truthful, and often-times comical posts keep his audience engaged and falling in love with dairy once again.

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