Cody Creelman

About Dr. Cody

Dr. Cody Creelman is a veterinarian, multiple practice owner, and digital storyteller, based in Alberta, Canada. Cody has shared his story in real-time on social media by creating entertaining and educational videos of his daily adventures. With over 20 million video views, he has created a very loyal following of ranchers, veterinary professionals, and the general public. He is an experienced public speaker and has presented all across North America at many universities, trade shows, producer meetings, and conferences. Audiences have enjoyed hearing the genesis story of his massively successful videos, and how they have impacted his life. Additionally, Cody enjoys speaking on a wide variety of beef cattle health concepts to cattle producers in the cow-calf and feedlot sectors. He is also passionate about disruption and technology, and has spoken many times on the future of food animal production in the 21st century and beyond.


Speaking Topics

The Dream, Goal Setting and the Pursuit of Happiness

Practical Management of Bovine Prolapses

Digital Storytelling

Social Media in Practice

Life as a Beef Cattle Veterinarian

The Use of Mobile Technology in the Field

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